How To Take Control Of Your Health

how to take control of your healthLearn How To Take Control Of Your Health As No One Else Is Going To Do It For You

The Spiritual Ecstasy Radio show with hosts Misti Cooper as well as Rebecca Dru had Dr. Lodi on as their guest discussing how to take control of your health.

At the very end of the show, there was a special visitor guest appearance by Dr. Lodi’s son, Shota Lodi, performing one of his newest tunes.

Below is a partial transcript from the radio show interview. To hear it all, listen to the video below. Here Dr. Lodi discusses how he started his career and the evolution to where he is today.

Early in my career when I was practicing as a clinical phycologist I came to realize that I didn’t comprehend the pathology that was taking place in people and also the effects of the prescription drugs that they were taking.

I spent the following decade in the medical profession becoming a physician. The main reason I wanted to do this was to understand everything that was happening with individuals’ health. During this process, I had actually forgotten everything I had actually learned about healing prior.

It was during this time that it became crystal clear that conventional medicine and the associated treatments really did not work. Let me give you an example of exactly what I saw over and over. If someone visited me that had joint inflammation 5 years back, they still had the same condition today and were currently on drugs to treat it and this was happening for any kind of condition.

So, I chose to shut down my practice and I traveled around the globe and started my own individual teaching fellowship and found out other means of healing which evolved right into what I do currently.

I had established my own integrative oncology healing facility and decided to focus entirely on cancer. Among the reasons I focused on cancer was because it was the only scenario where people would quit negotiating. They would surrender completely and it’s that surrender that is essential for a complete recovery.

The moment you give up, the universe is your own. Regrettably, conventional medicine takes this surrender and uses it to mutilate individuals with their treatments.

Einstein stated and I quote, “we can’t address our problems with the same thinking that created them”.

Don’t leave your health and wellness in anyone else’s hands but your own. Take control of your health and wellness and never look back. We can help you restore your health.

We Teach You How To Take Control Of Your Health

Our comprehensive cancer care program teaches you our 3 pillars of healing. First, to stop making cancer. This is the most important step. Many facilities and doctors are very good at removing cancer but if it keeps coming back, it really doesn’t matter how good they were at removing it.

We show you how to stop making it and you are able to take that learning home with you which is now become part of your lifestyle.  Secondly, we target cancer in ways the majority of centers do not. We challenge the cancer cells naturally at a core level where they can’t handle it and succumb to these therapies. The best part is your healthy cells thrive with these therapies.

And the third step is enhancing your own defense department, your immune system. Just like any system, if it’s given too much to do, it doesn’t function optimally. We support the immune system so it works optimally and is allowed to do its job at a very high level which is bad news for cancer.


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