How To Prevent Getting Cancer https://drthomaslodi.com/how-to-preve… How to prevent getting cancer is actually doing the same things that it would require to heal from it! That which is required to restore health is also required to maintain it! It’s important to note that although you haven’t been diagnosed with cancer or it hasn’t been detected we all have at least nanograms, micrograms or milligrams of cancer in our body. However, not all of them turn into tumors. So, what is cancer prevention? It actually involves most of the things we do in our cancer treatment program but on a much lighter scale. We teach the person how to maintain a biochemistry within their body that doesn’t produce cancer. We know what cancer needs, it needs sugar and stress. Cancer needs low amounts of oxygen so that it can survive. These are the things that cancer needs to grow. What we do is help to change the person’s biochemistry by teaching them how to live in a way that’s appropriate for a healthy physiology. A healthy physiology will not develop one gram of cancer. A person could still have milligrams or micrograms of cancer, that’s okay with a healthy physiology. It is a part of what’s going on today, but it doesn’t have to become cancer. In terms of therapies, we would use lower doses of intravenous vitamin c and other related therapies that are antioxidants which help prevent the cells from becoming cancer. And, of course, we work on the immune system. If we can get the immune system strong, the person is not going to develop cancer. And, if they do develop a cluster of that are cancer they are quickly gobbled up and taken care of. Without a powerful immune system, this won’t happen.    • Stop Making Cancer      / @drthomaslodi   #howtopreventgettingcancer #howcancercanbeprevented #drthomaslodi

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