How To Learn To Meditate https://DrThomasLodi.com How to learn to meditate is absolutely key but in order to do so we must first understand what meditation is. The mind is out of control. There is a noisy, involuntary process inside of our head called thinking. Philosophers of the last century refer to “thinking” as internal dialogue. Our internal dialogue is insane. Not one of us makes any sense when our mouths are closed. Even if you were to try and follow your own train of thought for two minutes, you would find that it is all over the place, busy and going nowhere. Being out of control, being involuntary, there are things that come to mind that are physiologically damaging. Things such as fears, worries, bad memories and sadness, all of these things suppress the immune system. Thinking, depending on what it is, can either be exhilarating towards promoting healing or do the complete opposite and be immuno suppressant. The idea of meditation is to turn that off. Since you can’t control it, shut it off.    • Stilling The Mind In Meditation      / @drthomaslodi  

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