We Help A Lot Of Women With How To Increase Fertility And Ensure That Pregnancies Are Carried To Term.

Some women are able to get pregnant and then have what’s called a spontaneous abortion. In a lot of cases, the reason for this is a lack of progesterone. We give women progesterone suppositories that they insert before going to bed which helps them carry pregnancies to term. This addresses how to increase fertility successfully.

The reason why progesterone is needed to help many women carry pregnancies to term is that it is part of the growing of the fetus and maintaining that environment. If a woman doesn’t have enough progesterone, then they aren’t able to hold the pregnancy.

A common question that arises is what is the proper dosing of progesterone? It’s important to understand that the menstrual cycle is just that, a cycle. So, the woman needs to be cycled on dosing knowing that the first 14 days of that cycle are dominated by estrogen and the back half of the cycle is dominated by progesterone.

The first 14 days of a healthy cycle where estrogen is dominant will result in the egg coming out. Now, if your estrogen levels aren’t where they need to be because of the stress of other things and the egg doesn’t come out and you don’t ovulate then you won’t have a corpus luteum.

A corpus luteum is the part of the ovary from which the egg is extruded and where progesterone is made. If a woman has a cycle where she doesn’t ovulate then there will be no corpus luteum so that month she won’t make much progesterone.

How To Increase Fertility Is Answered By Maintaining Proper Hormone Balances

If a woman doesn’t make much progesterone then she will become estrogen dominant. Being estrogen dominant opens up the possibility for the following things to occur; fibrocystic breast conditions, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, and breast cancer. All of these conditions are related to being estrogen dominant. The ability to ovulate is very important.

If a woman is in a healthy cycle then the second part of that cycle will be dominated by progesterone and estrogen levels will have come down.  The first part of the cycle is run by estrogen and the second part of a healthy cycle is run by progesterone.

Any health professional that is going to help a woman with her hormones has got to cycle her. At our healing center, we do this, even with elderly women. An older woman still wants to feel young, to be vibrant and she wants energy. A young healthy, energetic woman is a cycling woman.

We know that when a woman goes through menopause that they lose the functions of their ovaries. They lose their energy and they lose their advantage of living ten years longer than men when they go through menopause.

Women not only lose their fertility and femininity when the cycling stops after menopause, but they also lose their vitality. So, at our center, we help women keep their cycle and proper hormone balancing so they don’t lose these things and continue to thrive with a zest for life.

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