How To Break A Water Fast Properly https://drthomaslodi.com/how-to-break… How to break a water fast properly is important to know prior to starting one. During a water fast you are resting your gastrointestinal system. This water fast will allow the digestive system to heal because it has nothing else to do. Water fasting will allow all things to heal including leaky gut, diabetes and yes, even cancer. So, how to break a water fast properly, especially if you are on a prolonged fast, is to start off with melons. Melons are the most digestible food for adult humans. Sticking with one kind of melon is best and you will find that you won’t be able to eat much. You might be able to consume half of a honeydew or half of a cantaloupe is almost too much. Depending on how long a person fasted will determine how long you should stay with melons before moving to soups and then eventually food. Now, if a person has cancer, we don’t use melons because they are sweet. We would use green juicing and use this only for a few days and then move to blended raw soups. If someone went so far as to do a water fast for 40 days which has been done, then the person would need a good 5-7 days of liquids being green juices before moving to blended soups and then salads. As a basic formula for every 7 days of water fasting, a person should follow that with 1-2 days of melons or green juicing and then to the blended soups for a few days and then to salads and food after.    • The Benefits of Water Fasting      / @drthomaslodi  

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