How Important Is Restorative Sleep?

How Important Is Restorative Sleep

How Important Is Restorative Sleep https://drthomaslodi.com/how-importan… How important is restorative sleep for humans? There is nothing that could be more important. I have talked many times about the importance of going to bed early every night and the health benefits that brings us. Restorative sleep in an intercellular and extracellular detox or auto fast. Let’s look at what happens when you stop eating. What’s important to remember is our cells need energy and they never stop needing energy. When you stop eating, you stop giving the cells glucose and the inside of the cells start getting recycled. The mitochondria get worn down throughout the day because they have been busy. The mitochondria are the little organelles that make energy. As these organelles get worn out, instead of being very efficient and producing 38 ATP for every glucose, maybe by 9:00pm they are only making 26 ATP. That’s why you feel tired at night and you feel like it’s time to go to sleep. When you go to sleep, you stop eating hopefully 3 hours before going to bed, your cells still need glucose, so it turns on the lysosomal system and starts eating all those old mitochondria. It will also consume old ribosomes, etc. Once those old mitochondria are eaten up, they are reproduced immediately and when you wake up in the morning, your cells are full of ripe healthy brand-new mitochondria. You are able to jump out of bed with renewed energy. You crawl into bed exhausted and jump out of bed with energy. If you go to sleep early, your pituitary glands get restored, your adrenal glands get restored. All of your endocrine organs that make hormones get restored. One of the other things that happen at that reset point is that you start to produce cortisol as well as growth hormones. Producing growth hormones after you have grown does other beneficial things including tissue repair and wound healing. All of these wonderful things happen to the body if and only if you go to bed early enough to allow restorative before you get to the reset. If you don’t go to bed early enough, the reset doesn’t happen. This is okay to have a few days here and there where this doesn’t happen but if this happens for a year or a decade, it is the best way to prematurely age yourself. If you want to age as quickly as possible, then don’t go to bed early.    • Humanity Is Disconnected From Nature   #howimportantisrestorativesleep #restorativesleep #drthomaslodi

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