How Do You Meditate The Right Way https://drthomaslodi.com/healing-medi… How do you meditate the right way so that you get the benefit from it? The reason for meditation is to quiet the mind so there is nothing that is being focused on while doing it. Meditation is not done to focus on something like the sound of the ocean or listening to a CD. What most people typically mean when referencing meditation is “contemplation”. They are focusing on something or contemplating a certain something. When in reality, there is no thinking during meditation. The majority of religions and spiritual practices will use meditation as it is necessary. People’s minds tend to get crazy with thoughts which is why meditation is essential. If people tried to track their thought process with their mouth closed, they would quickly comprehend what it is that Buddha meant. Buddha stated that our mind represents a fish out of water, just flopping from one side to the other. For example, try to picture your thoughts driving from work to home, what did you think of? If your mind is closed, the radio wouldn’t be on, you wouldn’t be on the phone, and your thinking all kinds of different thoughts. What is the proper way to meditate? How does one stop from thinking? Focusing on the breathe is paramount during meditation. It is important to be rested when meditating, you don’t want to be tired. Meditating upon waking up is best and sitting in an upright position.    • Stilling The Mind In Meditation      / @drthomaslodi  

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