It Seems As If The Word “Earn” With Regards To Health And Disease Is Causing Some Confusion From A Quote Of Mine Posted Recently.

This word is used to awaken people to the realization that they can have control over their health, hence their lives.

We have been psychologically disempowered by false concepts and lies since the day we were born…my intent is to ‘wake’ us up to the truth that has with great effort been cleverly hidden and replaced with utter lies.

The truth is that health is our birthright and the availability of the knowledge and resources necessary to live a healthy life is how that birthright becomes manifest. Tragically, it has been withheld from us.

Health Is Not Something That Just Happens

Since health is not something that just happens, but rather is the result of certain circumstances, so it is true that “disease” is the consequence of certain circumstances.

dr thomas lodi healthThe Medical Profession Would Have Us Believe That We Are, For The Most Part, Victims Of Our Genetic Heritage

They want us to believe we need to buy medical insurance and visit the doctor frequently for ‘checkups’, take poisons as instructed, and just hope that we are not unlucky. The implication is that there is nothing we can do to prevent the horrible calamities that keep the hospitals full.

This perspective is dismal and renders us helplessly enslaved to a profession whose medical model is based upon a business model. Just consider who was involved in the birth of the AMA, who founded the American Cancer Society, and how medical schools are funded; All businessmen whose agenda, by definition, is profit, not health.

Of course, there is a variable that no one can fathom, let alone control. That variable of which I speak is often referred to as ‘fate, ‘destiny’, ‘karma’ or whatever word one prefers to use to acknowledge the fact that we are born to parents and are brought up in societies, which we did not choose and by the time we are old enough to realize that, we have already been molded into the people we are…full of habits and predisposition and beliefs, etc.

In order for us to ‘wake up’ and climb out of that blanket of lies, it usually requires a tragedy such as the death of a loved one or a serious diagnosis for ourselves. There are many tragic scenarios that befall us, and they are all too often the catalyst that we need to “wake up” and begin searching for the possibility to take back control of our health and our lives.

My intent is to help ‘wake’ us all up before tragedy befalls us. I was born into the same society and the same circumstances as everyone and speak not from a pedestal somewhere but from the depths of human despair…I see and live it every day in my work.

So, I will continue to shout from the rooftops, at my own potential peril in hopes of waking some of my brethren up.

~ Dr. Lodi

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