Go To Sleep Early https://drthomaslodi.com/benefits-of-… When you go to sleep early, you set yourself up for numerous health benefits. Turning in early is critical for proper hormone production and for cell renewal. In regard to the relationship with sunlight, there are two beings are that directly affected. These beings are named diurnal and nocturnal. A diurnal being’s response to light and darkness is completely different than that of a nocturnal. When it’s sundown and darkness is present from the absence of light, all nocturnal beings are wide awake. On the other hand, diurnal beings, such as humans, are the exact opposite. When the sun sets, humans get sleepy and got to bed. If we lived in a world without machines and no electricity, we human beings would retire to bed when the sunset. Humans would also wake up right before sunrise. Numerous sleep studies have shown us that when we go to bed around or just after sunset, we are rewarded with many health advantages. One of those advantages is the production of hormones at optimal levels when adequate sleep is reached. Hormones are emitted in the window of midnight to 3:00am and going to sleep early enables this to happen. Going to sleep after 11:00 at night does not allow for proper hormone production to occur. The other essential advantage to heading to bed just after sunset is for the cleansing of old dying cells that are replaced with new cells. This contributes to the natural restoration of our energy levels.    • Nature Heals      / @drthomaslodi  

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