Getting A Third Opinion http://drthomaslodi.com This video is intended to help educate people on why getting a third opinion is critical for a clear perspective in terms of restoring your health. Now, we have all heard of people going in to get second opinions. However, in reality, they are not really second opinions, they are actually the second “first” opinion. If you go to any conventionally trained oncologist they are going to give you the same opinion. They may differ slightly but not much offering the same basic treatment protocol. It’s much like going to two different Ford dealerships; they are definitely not going to sell you a Chevrolet. This is just the way it is so I don’t consider that a second opinion. For another example, I went to John Hopkins, Sloane Kettering and MD Anderson and they all said the same thing. What you received was not an original opinion and two second opinions; you actually received three first opinions. What I want to do is offer a third opinion. Getting a third opinion is when we look at cancer from a completely different paradigm. This paradigm would not be using the medical model which views people being a victim of their genes, says that DNA runs everything and that illness and sickness is simply back luck. The medical model positions things to where they have you believe that your only savior is the drug companies and medical doctors from the things you can’t control. This is the medical model. The other model to look at says that our genes are only blueprints and they are responding to the environment that they are part of internally. Genes are response mechanisms; they are not the ones controlling the destiny. The medical model calls health conditions “diseases” like somehow diabetes or cancer snuck into your body and you’re just unlucky. The natural model I follow is that which is in harmony with nature. It’s one that says the reason why there is high blood pressure or cancer or hypertension is because the body is compensating to stay in balance or in a state or equilibrium. We don’t need to get rid of those compensatory conditions; we need to get rid of the reason why the body has to do those things. This other paradigm gets rid of the myth of disease. It’s one where we regain and respect that our bodies are part of nature. The reason the body has these compensatory conditions such as high blood pressure is because we have violated natural law. By going back and living according to natural law and living within our biological requirements, our body hums. And rather than being a disease managers or a manager of disease which I learned in medical school I promote health. Where there is health, there is no disease. That which is required to be restored to health, the same is required to maintain health. Call us today for your third opinion, 480-834-5414.

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