Food And Poison Do They Go Hand In Hand https://drthomaslodi.com Food and poison, are they in fact the same? Well, if you are eating plant based wholefood raw vegan nutrition then the answer would be no. They would be worlds about in this example. However, if we are taking about cooked foods, meat, dairy and processed foods, then yes, they are indeed be poison to the body. When we look at Omnivores which are animals that eat everything, they all have a snout. A bear, rat, pig or wild boar would be good examples of omnivores because they have snouts. They have snouts so that they can kill prey if they don’t have access to a dead animal. Humans were not designed at all in this way. We were not designed to kill animals as we don’t have snouts or the large teeth that do the serious damage on a bite. Also, humans don’t instinctually see an animal up close or walking in a field and say “that looks good”! However, lions, cheetahs and tigers do! Humans also don’t come upon a corpse and say, I’m taking that home for dinner. So, what is food for any organism? Food is a substance that an organism will take in where it can be converted into its own living structure. Now, that which can’t be converted is poison and it gets in the way. Based on that definition, most people are eating 98% poison. Let’s look at broccoli. What is in the broccoli that is so important? Well, it’s the macronutrients and the micronutrients that are vital to optimal health. And, there is one other element in the broccoli that is essential and it’s called life!    • Food and Cancer      / thomaslodimd  

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