Fasting Insulin Level Of Three https://drthomaslodi.com/fasting-insu… The importance of getting your fasting insulin level down to three and keeping it there. For someone who is healthy and lives outside of a major city, they will oscillate between delta, theta and alpha, and back. For people who live near the tropics and has access to fresh organic fruits and vegetables and don’t have to go to work, this is their normal rhythm of brain waves. This is very healthy and how all people need to live. Unfortunately, this is not the case for the majority of people in society today. Our modern life has the alarm going off which has us go from delta to beta and this means anxiety. A person goes from deep sleep to getting right up out of bed! This transition represents anxiety. Then, people drink coffee, and this keeps people in beta. They keep rushing through their day, go through a few setbacks, sit in traffic, etc. Now, it’s bedtime and people go straight into delta without unwinding through theta. People missed theta and then alpha completely and remained on the delta beta roller-coaster all day. The alarm clock goes off the next morning and its Groundhog Day all over. The consequences of this result in cortisol and adrenaline being secreted which is what we call stress. This sets off your insulin and glucose metabolism and elevates it. People end up walking around in a hyperglycemic state. If people can get their fasting insulin level down to three and keep it there it prevents things such as; diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. And, this doesn’t just mean what you eat it also means what you think.    • Metabolic Medicine An Overview      / @drthomaslodi  

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