Fasting Insulin Level Below Three Is The TargetPeople Should Strive For A Fasting Insulin Level Below Three And Then Maintain It.

People who are healthy and don’t live in a major city are in the perfect position for the proper brain wave function. These people will alternate between delta, theta, and alpha and back again. This helps keep their fasting insulin level below three. At or below three is where people need to be.

For those who reside in tropical areas, eating delicious organic vegetables and fruits daily as well as not having to go to a place of business have this delta, theta, and alpha brainwave pattern.

Going from delta to theta to alpha is healthy and is how everyone needs to live. Sadly, as the majority of people in the US live in major cities, most people don’t live like in the modern era.  The life people live today starts with the alarm clock shocking us awake and sends us from delta to beta which puts people in a state of anxiety.

People wake from a sound sleep to pop up out of bed! This translates into pure anxiety. This waking up abruptly is followed by drinking coffee which will keep people in beta.

Most people have hectic days pushing their way through them, sitting in traffic, and usually suffer some setbacks. All of this is what keeps people in beta.

Bedtime rolls around and instead of having a chance to unwind, they go right from beta to delta. There was no opportunity to unwind through theta.

A Fasting Insulin Level Below Three Takes Care Of Heart Attacks, Diabetes, And Cancer!

Theta and alpha are both missed as people stayed on the delta-beta ride through the entire day. Then, the following morning, the alarm clock sounds, and the pattern is repeated over and over.

The result of this is having cortisol and adrenaline produced which is what is called “stress”. The insulin-glucose metabolism goes crazy and elevates. This puts people into a hyperglycemic state where they remain for the balance of the day.

What causes people who don’t eat to have elevated levels, simply put, it’s stress. Doctors today are now calling this Metabolic Syndrome “X”. Metabolic Syndrome X is everything that tells us that the insulin-glucose dynamic becomes the underlying pathology for heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and cancer.

This is really a good thing to know because if a person can get their fasting insulin level below three and maintain it, this will help in preventing the conditions just mentioned.

What’s important to understand here is beyond eating a clean, healthy diet, it’s also about mindset and what you think about. Remaining in the delta-beta state continuously will contribute to weight gain and shut off growth and healing.

It puts a person into the fight or flight state and it stops getting blood flow to your organs and healing is prevented.

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