Factors That Affect Life Expectancy https://drthomaslodi.com/factors-that… Let’s talk about some factors that affect life expectancy. Longevity directly relates to the body’s ability to hold a charge. We are talking about the quality of your membranes. Longevity is inversely proportional to the peroxidizability of the mitochondrial membrane. What this means is the mitochondria which makes energy and has a bio-fossil lipid layer just like the outside of the cell does. It is the quality of those membranes and their resistance to being oxidized. This means they are not polyunsaturated. They have to be either monounsaturated or saturated. This has been found to be true for all animals. When they say that one dog year is worth seven human years and then compare that to an Elephant. It comes down to is the quality of their mitochondrial membranes. It’s the rate of metabolism. So, the dog is living seven times faster. Then look at cats, why don’t cats make it past 15 years of age? Because they eat meat. Animals that eat plants live long. Horses live between 25-40 years of age. Chimps live to an average of 55 years of age and Elephants between 60 – 90 years of age. Conversely, lions, tigers, hyenas, and wolves all live to an average of 15 years. Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels! Eat a whole food plant-based diet and expand your life expectancy. This is what we teach in our School of Health online video series. Nutrition and what you eat is a key piece of our comprehensive cancer care program.    • Health and Disease   #factorsthataffectlifeexpectancy #increaselifeexpectancy #drthomaslodi

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