Extreme Health Radio Show Features Dr. Thomas Lodi

Extreme Health Radio ShowThe Extreme Health Radio Show Featured Dr. Thomas Lodi Recently On Their Wonderful Program.

The Extreme Health Radio show is focused on promoting true health. Their focus is not treating just symptoms which is why it was an honor for Dr. Lodi to be interviewed by Justin Stellman.

The following are highlights from the radio show. I will include the full-length video below as well if you wish to listen to the program in its entirety.

Justin acknowledged that Dr. Lodi was recently at The Truth About Cancer Live Symposium in Texas where he was a guest speaker. Both agreed that it is great to finally have money behind the true second opinion. This gives people the chance to be informed by a true second opinion before making what will probably be the most important decision of their lives.

Justin asked Dr. Lodi if he still practices standard medicine and his answer was no he didn’t. The doctors that practice standard conventional medicine function and operate from a completely different paradigm. We use Integrative Oncology where we take the best of all the different healing disciplines and design a specific individual plan for each person.

We have found that no one system has all the answers. This is the reason why we combine the best of all healing modalities available. This is the best way to help that person in need of treatment. When you have someone with cancer whose life depends on what you do you need to ensure that you have the best and safest therapies available.

Justin next asked a really good question. He asked of all ways available to help reverse cancer how do you determine the best protocol to use for each person? Mr. Stellman’s question comes from the paradigm that does not work and this gives Dr. Lodi a chance to clarify why that is.

The paradigm is the one we have all been indoctrinated with by the conventional medical model. The medical model bases its beliefs on two things. The first is that DNA runs the show, therefore whatever you are born with you are stuck with.

Cancer Is A Homeostatic Corrective Measure The Same As Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Etc.

The second part of the medical model has us believing that diseases are entities or things. They want us to believe that a certain disease somehow got into our bodies. And now you need a magic potion to get rid of it which is completely absurd.

The human body is part of nature and nature has specific laws that operate under necessity and not morality. Here is an example of this. Think of a flock of birds flying together in the sky that turns all together perfectly. They did this without rehearsal or training and they act on instinct. Well, our body being part of nature has this as well and it’s called homeostasis.

Let’s say a person is eating inappropriately for their biology by consuming pizza and cheeseburgers, consequently, their arteries will fill up and narrow. The body’s wisdom reacts to wanting to maintain proper blood flow to help prevent a stroke or heart attack.

How will the body maintain proper blood flow with narrowing arteries, as a result of increased blood pressure? This person goes to the doctor’s office and the doctor says that they have a disease called high blood pressure, therefore they need a synthetic drug to fix that disease. The truth is that high blood pressure is currently saving that person’s life.

It’s called a homeostatic corrective measure and it’s the same thing with diabetes. Our body’s cells become insulin resistant so that we don’t die from sugar overload. It’s the same thing with cancer where the body will perform homeostatic corrective measures in order to keep you alive.

The Same Fundamental Process Occurs That Produces Cancer Whether It’s Brain Or Colon Or Breast Cancer.

Those are just locations where cancer happened to develop and the location can determine the complexity in treating it.

To hear the rest of the interview from the Extreme Health Radio Show with Justin Stellman and Dr. Thomas Lodi, watch this video here. They go deeper into the subject of cancer and what causes it’s development as well as the importance of a ketogenic diet in helping heal from cancer.

Extreme Health Radio Show With Dr. Lodi Also Discusses The Importance Of A Ketogenic Diet


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