Examples Of Human Potential https://drthomaslodi.com/optimal-huma… There are many examples of human potential that are quite inspiring and jaw-dropping. We will cover a few of them here and discuss why we really don’t know what the full human potential is. In terms of what our optimal human functioning is, we really don’t know. We know that Einstein only utilized eight percent of his brain. Another example is Nikola Tesla. It has been said only nine percent of his brain was utilized. This is far from achieving optimal human functioning or reaching our true potential. There are men living in Machu Picchu, aged 110, having kids where the little blue pill better known as Viagra is not needed. Then there are the Hunza people. They live in various parts of certain mountains in Pakistan. They have men and women who are 120 to 130 years old who run up and down the mountainsides. Our true human potential is unknown. Animals are still connected to nature where humans are not. Society keeps putting more distance between itself and nature and this is not a positive sign for the survival of the human race in the long run. Humans need to learn how to connect to nature and live in harmony. People need to eat real food and go to sleep just after sunset. These basic things need to take place first followed by other more involved things. A very large-scale reversal of the way things work currently on Earth needs to happen in order to realize the full human potential.    • Stilling The Mind In Meditation      / @drthomaslodi  

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