Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Do We Need It? https://drthomaslodi.com/emf-measurem… Electromagnetic radiation protection is an area everyone should pay more attention to when it comes to maintaining health. At this moment, we’re unable to detect EMF’s or electromagnetic fields and frequencies. EMF’s, or electromagnetic frequencies and the radiation that is emitted from the devices are definitely having health effects on us. What those health effects mean long term is unknown today. Why should we be concerned about electromagnetic radiation? Let’s start with the brain. We need to first understand that the brain is, in fact, an electromagnetic mechanism. It functions through electricity. We have electrolytes in the bloodstream. When medical professionals draw blood, the things measured are potassium, sodium, chloride, etc. This allows the electrolyte status to be measured. These electrolytes are molecules and they allow electrons to circulate in the blood. We are electromagnetic beings. An example that illustrates we are electricity is an EKG. The waveform from an EKG is easily seen on paper. Here we are being bombarded with EMF’s. Humans are literally bathing in all these unnatural frequencies. EMF’s have a negative impact on the human body. What we don’t know is the long-term consequences of being exposed to EMF’s on a continual basis. Over the next twenty to thirty years we will learn the full effects. Unfortunately, something disastrous usually has to happen before something is done about it and it looks like the same thing here. Society has more smartphones in circulation today. The electromagnetic radiation increases every year. The occurrences of tumors are increasing both in the auditory canal and also brain tumors. The conventional medical model is never proactive, especially with something directly in front of them. Conventional medicine uses barbaric treatments for cancer, they have never learned that they don’t work. Humans will regret the fact that we never pumped the brakes on the effects of electromagnetic radiation and taken the time to understand what is needed to protect ourselves.    • Human Body Frequency Resonance      / @drthomaslodi  

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