Electromagnetic Frequency Health Effects

electromagnetic frequency health effects

Does Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) Have A Long-Term Impact On Overall Wellness? 

Have you ever worried about how constant exposure to wireless mobile devices or microwave ovens can affect your health?

But first: What is electromagnetic frequency?

Electromagnetic radiation is a kind of energy. It is omnipresent and takes many forms like X-rays, gamma rays, radio waves, microwaves, and even sunlight. Electromagnetic waves are formed when “an electric field coupled with a magnetic field.”

The distance between two consecutive peaks of a wave is called the wavelength. Frequency refers to the number of waves that are created at any given length of time. It is measured in hertz (Hz) which is the number of wave cycles per second.

According to Dr. Lodi, electromagnetic frequency has a definite impact on our health. He explained, “There is no space between us that’s not filled with electromagnetic frequencies. Everything is electric.

Humans are electromagnetic beings. Now, here we are being bombarded, bathing and breathing with all these unnatural frequencies, so of course, they have an impact on our health.”

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are mainly categorized as high-frequency or low- to mid-frequency. The former includes x-rays and gamma rays. High-frequency fields are in the ionizing radiation part of the electromagnetic spectrum and “extreme doses” within a short period can damage internal organs and tissues.

Low- to mid-frequency EMFs include radio waves, static fields, microwaves, infrared radiation, magnetic fields, and visible light. They are in the non-ionizing part of the spectrum. 

Dr. Thomas Lodi Explains How EMF’s Are Having A Negative Effect On Our Health

The World Health Organization (WHO) notes that, while short-term exposure to electromagnetic fields is normal and inevitable, exposure to higher levels may be harmful and can trigger biological effects.

A multidisciplinary research effort was conducted in 1996 to address a growing concern over the impact of exposure to a continuously growing number of electromagnetic field sources. The study concluded that then-current evidence shows that there are no health consequences from exposure to low-level electromagnetic fields like those produced by daily-use electrical appliances or mobile phones. However, WHO also noted there are still “gaps in knowledge about biological effects” which requires further research.

As more people, and society in general, become heavily dependent on wireless technologies and electrical devices, Dr. Lodi adds that the “ultimate consequences” will eventually be revealed in the next two or three decades. “We are just finding out about more cases of brain tumors specifically in the auditory canal.

Whether this is directly related or not, we’ll know soon as more studies are conducted. But until then, it is important to practice lifestyle changes that promote long-term health and true wellness.”

Dr. Lodi is also the founder of Arizona-based An Oasis of Healing—an alternative cancer treatment center based on an integrative and holistic healing protocol. The clinic has a comprehensive cancer care program that utilizes the most effective natural treatments and therapies that do not harm the body.


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