Dr Thomas Lodi – Your Body Is Always Detoxing Waste 2020

Dr Thomas Lodi - Your Body Is Always Detoxing Waste 2020

Why is it important to detoxify your body on a consistent basis? Detoxification is a word that you often hear from wellness or nutrition experts, but do you know why it is so important for the body? In a new below video, integrative oncology and metabolic medicine expert Dr. Thomas Lodi explains why. But first: What is detoxification? Detoxification is a “metabolic process” wherein toxins are changed into “less toxic or more easily excretable substances” to cleanse the body. This process is crucial because these toxins if left alone, can create an environment where disease can thrive. Proper detoxification is beneficial in restoring the body’s physical and emotional energy, improving mental aptitude as well as digestive processes, supporting weight loss and promoting overall health and wellness. Is it time to detoxify your body? Here are some tell-tale signs: Constant feeling of fatigue and stress Frequent headaches and difficulty in focusing Skin breakout or blemishes and overall “lackluster complexion” Susceptibility to sickness like flu and colds Irregular digestion Preference for fried foods, processed meat, dairy, refined sugar or fast food Feeling overweight Bad breath and body odor despite regular hygiene practices Feeling depressed, unmotivated, and lacking energy and enthusiasm According to Dr. Lodi, consistent draining, cleansing and detoxifying are important because we live in a time and environment where we are regularly exposed to more toxins. “This makes it incredibly important to make detoxification a priority in your life. We have one system that carries blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the tissues. However, we have two systems that drain it; veins and lymph,” he said. The lymphatic and venous system transport body fluids. Veins take deoxygenated blood from capillaries in tissues to veins, the heart and the lungs. Here, blood is resupplied with oxygen and moved to arteries, arterioles and capillaries. Lymph vessels collect fluid from peripheral tissues and transfer it to the venous system. Want to learn more about Dr Thomas Lodi – an Integrative Oncology Expert? Visit http://drthomaslodi.com Connect with Dr Thomas Lodi on social media below:   / drthomaslodi     / drthomaslodi      / drthomaslodi     / drthomaslodi  

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