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What Others Are Saying:

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I have received several second opinions over the last 2 years of being diagnosed with stage iv cancer. I realized yesterday as my appointment with Dr Lodi came to an end, that it was the first time. I was ending an appointment filled with hope and excitement. Dr Lodi is an excellent teacher. He explains in a thorough yet simplified way. I left my appointment not only understanding WHAT I should do, but also WHY! I am looking forward to continuing my healing under the guidance of Dr Lodi.
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The session was informative and clear. I feel that it will help to change into a healthy life and eradicate cancer.
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“My father was diagnosed two days ago with a form of leukemia. We immediately set up a consult with Dr Lodi via zoom for a second opinion. His knowledge was invaluable to understanding the current situation and what this journey will look like. We immediately felt confidence and clarity in our next steps! This integrative oncologist perspective takes into consideration every aspect of my father, while preparing us with positive, effective methods to stop making cancer. We are looking forward to our follow up! ”
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Dr.Lodi heard my voice. I didn’t feel like a cancer patient with him. He recognized all aspects of my being All with the knowledge of oncology. Thank you!
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Thank you Dr L
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I feel very secure with Dr. Lodi. His knowledge gives me hope that I did not previously have. I feel that I can get well thru his expertise. Very knowledgeable dr. ! I am very grateful that he generously shares his info with everyone. Thank you Dr. Lodi.
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Dr Lodi is a wealth of hope and information..his philosophy of health and healing is truly a gift from God. I have learned that given the proper resources..your body can heal itself. God bless Dr Lodi.
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I found Dr Lodi easy to talk to about my situation. He answered my questions, reinforcing my beliefs that cancer is not a death sentence, but a wake up call to change your lifestyle. He gave me confidence that following his suggested treatments a cure is possible.
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What I liked the most about talking with Dr. Lodi during our virtual consultation session is that he gave (actually always does) hope and valuable information for every aspect of life, not just the specifics I asked him about. I always listen very carefully and write everything down, the understanding of how the human body works he has is unbelievable. Finding the best integrative oncologist was crucial for me when I found out about my condition back in 2017, and I am grateful I have Dr. Lodi by my side. Thank you for all your help and support.
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Dr. Lodi is a really expert holistic oncologist
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I was diagnosed with a Uterine Sarcoma in June 2021. I lived in Phoenix for 3 months during the summer of 2021 and have been flying back and forth every 2 to 3 weeks since 10/4. The clinic I was going to did manage to shrink the tumor, however, I feel, that based on my recent PET scan, I need a different approach. Therefore, I am consulting with a few other Integrative Doctors, Dr. Lodi being one of them, in order to customize my current and future care plans

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