00:00:00 Thank you. Wow, everybody’s so fantastic. You guys are amazing. 00:00:05 Yeah, live still on. Did you get it? Are you on? Are you guys on over there, over there? 00:00:11 Hello. Hello. Hello. I’m so sorry to be late. I’m so sorry to be late. Yeah. 00:00:24 An hour ago? No, no, Katherine. 00:00:28 Not technical issues, I should have started 7 minutes ago. 00:00:33 Here. I don’t know. Have you changed your time? Have you got? Yeah, yeah. Have you guys changed your time? 00:00:40 Back again because. 00:00:43 Isn’t isn’t it seven 7:00 PM Eastern, Standard Eastern right now, eastern? 00:00:52 Yeah, I’m great. And thank you very much, Julia. Thank you. Thank you. 00:00:57 And Loretta, I think. 00:01:00 Hey, guys from. 00:01:03 Instagram and TikTok. How cool. Everybody’s coming on board. Great. Beautiful. So sorry to be late. I don’t you know, I just. 00:01:13 Got trapped in this thing called life and it just gets me every time. 00:01:19 Hey, listen, you know what I just wanted before I get started? You changed your time back again. Oh, my God, what’s so, so ridiculous? So really, what’s So what time is it right now? In East Coast? On the East Coast of the United States? 00:01:41 It’s eight now. 00:01:44 Oh, my God. OK, so it changed back. OK. I’m so sorry, guys. Well, listen, I don’t know what to say about that stuff, you know? But change keeps changing back. 00:01:55 What does that remind us of? Alright, we should all really understand and get this really clearly now that time is. 00:02:04 Doesn’t exist. It’s an illusion. 00:02:08 It’s an illusion. How could it be 7:00 o’clock and 8:00 o’clock? And how can it be over here at 7:00 AM and there at 7:00 PM, meaning that those things are irrelevant? 00:02:17 They’re irrelevant, OK? You all know that, right? I just want to remind you that they’re irrelevant. I want to remind you one other thing. Because I’m looking right here at the picture and I can see behind me in my bookshelf, and I don’t have. I mean, all my books are in boxes. This is just what I could grab. But I just want you all to remember, buy books, keep books. Don’t get away from reading stuff online, OK? Don’t. Don’t get these e-books. I ain’t asked. More convenient. It’s all real convenient. And I’m gonna hurry and forget that, man. 00:02:47 You get that. You get you get a book. 00:02:50 You get a book. 00:02:54 This here, and you get a book in your hands and you smell it. You look at the writing and it can’t be changed. No one’s going to come in here and change it. If you read something online, you can be sure that whoever controls online could change the words, could change the meaning. OK. Thank you. 00:03:16 Thank you very much. But anyway, yeah, this book here, you guys, you wouldn’t. I won’t even begin to tell you about this book. It’s too much for most of you. Too much for most of you. 00:03:31 Maybe all of you, so I may be alone with that one, but then anyway, so. 00:03:40 Uh, hello, Anne. Hi, everyone. OK, good. Australia. Fantastic. So here we are and then OK. 00:03:54 Wow, OK, alright, a lot of questions. OK, so. 00:04:01 Yeah. My God, it’s just started an hour ago. 00:04:04 So now you guys have more time after dark. So I understand because yeah, yeah, yeah. 00:04:11 Well. 00:04:15 You know. 00:04:17 Fortunately, I’ve lived in in in areas I was in Arizona for about. 00:04:24 Seven years. 00:04:26 Before I came here. And and Arizona doesn’t change their time. And here they don’t change their time. I mean, they don’t change the clocks. We’re not talking about time. Time cannot be changed because there is no time. How do I know there is no time? How do I know? How do you know there’s no more time? Because has it ever been? 00:04:45 Anything but right now. 00:04:49 You can call it. 00:04:51 Monday you can call it. Sunday you can call at 8:00 PM you can call it a banana. 00:04:57 It’s all right now. 00:04:59 And it. 00:05:02 Let’s look at the questions we have. 00:05:05 So please excuse me, let me just grab them here. And I know I’m not as organized and as cool as everybody else is online, and I don’t have the Polish thing with that. 00:05:18 And I’m not like that. Hopefully maybe I’ll get somebody to help me and I can become more weird like that, but I’m just not that way. 00:05:29 OK, so here, let’s do this. 00:05:31 And there see if we can get a new one. 00:05:36 That’ll come up. Yeah, it came up. 00:05:43 There we go. 00:05:47 OK, put this over here. 00:05:50 That’s it. 00:05:54 I’m pretty good at being mediocre at this. Yeah. OK, there we go. OK, cool. OK, OK, OK, cool. Let’s get started with your questions. There’s a lot of questions, and I and I want to answer them. 00:06:04 Anyway, it’s Sunday Night Live. 00:06:08 From. 00:06:10 Who get? 00:06:12 Thailand. 00:06:14 And. 00:06:18 I need. 00:06:20 Cool. So that’s answer these questions. OK, so everybody’s on. We got, we got, we got, we got. 00:06:26 This these guys here and we’ve got. 00:06:31 The this is. 00:06:34 Hello there. 00:06:38 What kind of doc are you? Ohh you’re new. I’m a medical doctor. 00:06:45 You know, AMD really stands for mythology doctor, but I’m a medical doctor and. 00:06:51 Might have my residency training in internal medicine and I practiced in ICU.
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