Does Water Fasting Heal The Body? https://drthomaslodi.com/ Does water fasting heal the body and provide the ultimate detoxification protocol for the human body? Yes, it does, let’s talk about it. When you stop eating and you are just having water, over the first 72 hours a person will use up all of their stored glucose. Another name for stored glucose is called glycogen. Once a person has used up all of their stored glucose, the body goes on a scavenger hunt looking for every non-viable tissue to recycle and use for fuel. Every plaque in arteries, every cyst, every tumor, every abnormal non-viable tissue which is not necessary for the normal functioning of the organism is eaten up, consumed and recycled. Consuming just water is the ultimate divine cure because it cleans up everything. A person could have an angiogram and have a 98% occlusion and be ready for a bypass and after only 3 weeks of water fasting, end up having arteries that are completely clear. People don’t need to pass by anything! People need to bypass a bypass. So, again to answer the question of does water fasting heal the body, yes it does better than anything else a person could do. Water fasting helps in so many areas, eating up tumors. It helps with scarring as well. Doing a water fast will eat up scar tissue so for a paraplegic and quadriplegic if they have scar tissue and can’t function, they can get back to functioning. Water fasting cleans up everything, it is the ultimate cure for the human body.    • The Benefits of Water Fasting      / @drthomaslodi   #doeswaterfastinghealthebody #waterfastingbenefits #drthomaslodi

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