Many People To This Day Still Ask Do Alternative Cancer Treatments Work?

This was my response to someone who asked, “If these cancer treatments work, then why isn’t it used for all cancer patients worldwide?”

Just connect the dots. The only research that’s considered legitimate is the one that gets published by the pharmaceutical industry. Their research is allowed into the most prestigious journals.

There’s an overwhelming amount of information and research about intravenous vitamin C and other such therapies including insulin potentiated therapies but they never make it to the big medical journals.

Therefore, they are not considered legitimate. As a result, most oncologists and other physicians have no idea about these other therapies. And those people involved with keeping both the medical professionals and the public blinded to non-pharmaceutically based research sometimes do get discovered.

This article here is one of those examples of a medical professional executive who was discovered. https://www.collective-evolution.com/2018/11/07/chief-medical-officer-of-major-cancer-center-resigns-after-receiving-millions-from-big-pharma/

Integrative Cancer Therapies Is What Needs To Be Taught In Medical Schools

The US pharmaceutical industry represents approximately 45% of the total pharmaceutical industry worldwide. It was valued in 2016 at approximately $446 billion in sales annually.

Cutting-edge chemo drugs cost more than $60,000 a month. And the average monthly cost per drug is $10,000. The problem is this approach doesn’t work.

Sadly, less than 5% of the people diagnosed with stage 4 cancer are alive in five years. That’s why the world is hungry for approaches that are not only effective but with minimal side effects.

One of the saddest truths of all is that most people with cancer do not die from cancer. They die as a result of the treatments. A comprehensive program of multiple IV therapies, including low dose chemo with insulin as well as colon hydrotherapy, lymphatic therapies, oxygen therapies, plant-based raw organic food and juices, education/training, as well as yoga and other areas all cost as much as chemotherapy alone.

However, these more holistic comprehensive cancer care programs are not covered by insurance so the out-of-pocket costs are much greater. This is an absolute tragedy for humanity!

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