Is It Safe To Detox And Cleanse With A Liver Tumor

detox and cleanseIs It Safe To Detox And Cleanse While Having Liver Cancer?

The answer is yes, it is safe to detox and cleanse while having a tumor in your liver. Let’s walk through the explanation of why it is safe from several different angles.

The reason this cancer formed is from an accumulation of toxins. That accumulation of toxins sends in certain signals and blocks other signals. The result is the cell is responding to its environment, the epigenetics. If the epigenetics of a cell or what the cell is swimming in is mostly toxins then they can actually damage different parts of the cell.

The most vulnerable part of a cell is the mitochondria because they have oxygen and oxidative by-products so they are easily destroyed. They then have to be replaced and they do that on their own as they don’t need the nucleus with its DNA as they have their own DNA.

When enough of these mitochondria have been damaged then the cell goes into a default mode of energy production called glycolysis or fermentation. This chronic fermentative state then signals the nucleus to produce genes called oncogenes. This is a metabolic process and is driven by the metabolism of a cell which is a response to the environment around it.

It becomes clear that what we need to do to reverse this process is change the environment that surrounds the cell. This process is called detoxification. The beauty of detoxification is that it is not something that you do, it is something that happens. It’s happening all the time. Our cells are continually cleaning house. They are producing and performing their function as it’s part of what they do.

Detox And Cleanse With All Cancers

It’s important that what we do is stop “retoxing” or putting toxins in our bodies. When we stop putting toxins into our body, then our body will naturally detox and cleanse all on its own. This is what is called a fast.

The question that comes up now is, can detoxing at any time become a problem as a result of toxins being released into the blood. When a large volume of toxins are released into the bloodstream it can cause a person to become sick. This is true for people who are very sick and for very obese people who can release a large number of toxins versus someone who is not obese. This does need to be looked after and managed properly.

One of the more important things to do is to make sure you are cleaning out your system as best as you can while detoxing. Cleaning out your system involves cleansing your colon and drinking enough fluid so that your kidneys are being flushed. It also involves exercise, getting adequate rest at the appropriate times, and lymphatic massages.

There are numerous things that go into a detox and cleanse and it absolutely can be done while having a tumor in your liver and it should be done. Detoxing should and must be done with all cancers.

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