Darren Scherbain



Darren is a Canadian born and educated kinesiologist and physical therapist who, for more than 20 years has helping people with cancer, drug addiction, physical disabilities and the elderly regain their vitality and mobility. His work as a kinesiologist, physical therapist, trainer, and exercise oncology therapist has taken him to Korea, Thailand, Portugal and, of course his home country of Canada. In addition to his clinical work with patients, he developed curricula and taught at the University of Winnipeg as well as curricula for corporate wellness and rehabilitation programs.

Natural Movement

With Natural Movement -Steps to Stop Making Cancer you will discover simple, effective and proven steps to reclaim your health in your journey to Stop Making Cancer. You will come away more informed, inspired and equipped to make lasting change that will transform your life and health.

Total: 1 hour, 24 minutes


Natural Movement - Steps to Stop Making Cancer

Evidence-based steps you must take if you truly want to Stop Making Cancer and live well doing it. Many of these steps are quite simple and can lead to surprisingly fast and lasting change.


Natural Movement Resources

Downloadable resources to guide you on your natural movement journey. Download these for future reference.


Strength Training Exercises

Each training exercise in a short, easy-to-digest video that you can access anywhere or download to your device.

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