60 Minute Consultation with Dr. Lodi

Dr. Lodi’s consultations are designed to meet you where you are, and lead you back to optimal health.

Cancer Consultations With An Integrative Oncology Expert

Dr. Lodi offers online cancer consultations, which include personalized plans of action based on educational material provided by Dr. Lodi and his team through online video courses. This plan is designed to empower you in your pursuit of cancer prevention and wellness maintenance and to develop a strong understanding of the facts surrounding cancer risks, tips for prevention, and emotional support upon diagnosis.

He is available by online consultation to provide you with guidance for your wellbeing, and Dr. Lodi welcomes your questions at any time.


What Can I Expect from a True Second Opinion?

In order to make the best decision regarding which cancer treatment path is best, it is essential to be fully informed regarding all potential therapies. Unfortunately, a, first, second, third, ad infinitum, conventional medical opinion provides only an analysis of the data from the extensive testing that was ordered based upon specific, narrow algorithms. Many important metabolic and other testing is simply not included. Furthermore, the conventional first opinion regarding treatment choices resulting from an analysis of those tests is also taken from a predetermined algorithm. Moreover, these algorithms only consider a very few treatment modalities with which conventional oncologists are familiar and hence they overlook or ignore all others potential therapies. This leaves many people not only dissatisfied and discouraged but full of fear because none of the choices are acceptable.

The Essentials



  • 60 Minute Consultation with Dr Lodi
  • Your Personal Healing Plan

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60 Minute Follow Up Consultation 


  • 60 Minute Follow Up Consultation with Dr Lodi


Dr. Lodi’s recommendation will be based upon your condition, the data obtained from testing, your desires, your needs, your family and social relationships, your financial capabilities, and not algorithms.

This is your life, and the path forward must therefore resonate with your personal desires, your family condition, your financial capabilities, and your culture as much as is possible. Unfortunately, there are often relationships with family or friends that are not healthy or there are disagreements regarding which path to pursue, or because of the major changes that have taken place in the world over the past two years, there may be travel restrictions or other impediments and, therefore we will need to consider how to either overcome them or how to move forward knowing that there are some issues that will not be resolved.

We will provide guidance, teaching, and training so that you can gain control of your life, be restored to health, and go on to achieve your potential as a human being.


“My father was diagnosed two days ago with a form of leukemia. We immediately set up a consult with Dr Lodi via zoom for a second opinion. His knowledge was invaluable to understanding the current situation and what this journey will look like. We immediately felt confidence and clarity in our next steps! This integrative oncologist perspective takes into consideration every aspect of my father, while preparing us with positive, effective methods to stop making cancer. We are looking forward to our follow up! ”

“I feel very secure with Dr. Lodi. His knowledge gives me hope that I did not previously have. I feel that I can get well thru his expertise. Very knowledgeable dr. ! I am very grateful that he generously shares his info with everyone. Thank you Dr. Lodi.”

“Dr Lodi is a wealth of hope and information..his philosophy of health and healing is truly a gift from God. I have learned that given the proper resources..your body can heal itself. God bless Dr Lodi.”

“Dr. Lodi is a really expert holistic oncologist ”

“What I liked the most about talking with Dr. Lodi during our virtual consultation session is that he gave (actually always does) hope and valuable information for every aspect of life, not just the specifics I asked him about. I always listen very carefully and write everything down, the understanding of how the human body works he has is unbelievable. Finding the best integrative oncologist was crucial for me when I found out about my condition back in 2017, and I am grateful I have Dr. Lodi by my side. Thank you for all your help and support.”


If I cannot get all my medical reports, can I still have a consultation?

Yes, absolutely …. The medical reports are very important but not absolutely necessary for a home course. However, having the reports will allow for a more thorough understanding or you condition.

If I want a consultation for my family member or friend, can I participate in the consultation for them if they are unable to attend?

Yes, but it is necessary for them to truly understand everything and not just follow what you tell them. So, the initial consultation could be with you but to really help them heal, they must eventually participate in the consultation personally.

If my family member has cancer but they do not speak English, do you have a translator who can help?

Yes, but the translators we have are limited to only a few languages. We have translators for Thai, Japanese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Russian and German.

If I have the basic consultation, will that be enough?
  • The basic consultation will include a recommended home program for you.
  • The recommended program will not include a program for HOW to specifically make all the changes necessary for healing. That is what will be available with the “Going Deeper” plan.
  • If you or a loved one is very sick or has a large tumor burden, then an extended program, which will require the assistance of a doctor or health care provider in your community who must be willing to collaborate with us. In these situations, we would want to include some additional IV therapies (such as vitamin C and others), colon hydrotherapy and lymphatic work.
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