Cancer Treatment Center Specializing In Integrative Oncology http://drthomaslodi.com An Oasis Of Healing is a cancer treatment center using integrative oncology specializes in treatment alternatives for cancer. We have reached a milestone and are currently celebrating 10 years of healing! As founder of this healing center, I’m grateful for the lives we have impacted positively over these 10 years and look forward to that continuing for many more years to come. What we have found is that many of the people who come to visit us for our comprehensive cancer care program have done a lot of their own research and reviewed many other centers providing cancer treatment throughout the US and internationally. These are some typical responses we get from individuals that have assessed lots of various other cancer treatment places before choosing our healing center; “conventional oncology wards have clients who look really ill in an extremely sterile setting”. Individuals really appeared to have a complete grasp on the misguided focus of the cancer industry as they focus on symptoms like they do with most everything else where conversely, we are interested in healing at the source as well as the body as a whole. Our body wants more than anything to keep us alive and it’s doing this until we get it together and also change our lifestyles to make sure that it does not need to do this thing called cancer. It’s not the adversary. More responses from people who have been cared for and treated at our center, “when you first walk into the facility, it’s so inviting as well as there is a lot of activity. There’s a lot going on and you can smell the fresh juices being made and people are relaxing in reclining chairs and many people don’t even resemble the look of a patient. Some were truly not well however they simply looked a lot more comfortable.” A difficulty individuals are confronted with when picking alternate cancer treatments over conventional approaches is devoting to and accepting a brand-new lifestyle. An Oasis Of Healing helps in educating and also informing people and their families how you can take this brand-new way of living home with them and apply it. We have actually discovered that homes that support the relative affected by cancer by embracing this brand-new way of life not only benefits the individual with cancer but all family and relatives as well. The health and wellness of the entire house is boosted greatly when this brand-new lifestyle is welcomed. What we instruct individuals that come to visit our recovery center is the body can heal itself; we just have to learn how to get out of the way and allow it do its thing. We reveal to you the best ways to do that and supply the resources that challenge cancer cells at a metabolic level while doing no injury to typical healthy and balanced cells. We offer customized treatment specifically created for a person’s situation which inevitably gives the best chance to heal.    • Alternative and Comprehensive Treatments      / @drthomaslodi  

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