Cancer Surgery Is Not The AnswerCancer Surgery Is Not The Answer To Healing From It!

When looking at your treatment options, cancer surgery is not the answer! Removing a cancerous tumor is not the proper path to healing. I’ll use an example that’s easy to understand and follow.

Let’s go with the example of a poisoned apple tree on your property. Anyone who picks an apple and eats it from this poisoned tree ends up dying. There were worms dying as well but they are smart, figured it out and now there are no worms around the apples.

It turns out, the worms are smarter than us. The worms steered clear and we eat the apples. What we do is bring in a tree surgeon to rid us of the apple problem. The surgeon comes in and cuts off every single apple from the poisoned tree.

Now, I ask you, was the problem resolved when the tree surgeon cut off the apples? Well, looking from the conventional world’s point of view, the problem was resolved. All the poisoned apples were eliminated!

Truth be told, the existing problem will return as the apples grow back. Do you think the apples were the issue that needed addressing? If you did, you would be wrong. The problem was not the apples.

The root cause of the reason the apples were poisoned happens to be the soil in which the tree rests in. The water used for the tree can also be part of the problem. The soil’s PH is obviously acidic which causes the apples to become poisoned.

Cancer Surgery Is Not The Answer To Surviving It!

What needs to happen is the soil environment has to be transformed from acidic to alkaline in order to remove the poison. The entire picture here of what the real issue is in the conventional world of cancer treatments should be coming into clear focus now.

People can heal from cancer, but it must be done within the biological laws of nature. Cancer surgery is not the answer and only adds to further complications over time.

Surgeons performing cancer operations all say, “We got it all”, post-surgery. They typically say, we achieved clean margins, looks good great, and then pat each other on the back.

Six to twelve months later the cancer returns and spreads! It has now traveled to other bodily organs, the brain, bones, spine, etc. In reality, the surgeons removed all apples from the poisoned tree. They never tried to correct the root issue of the real problem which would be to transform the PH of the soil.

Cancer surgery is not the answer, it is a temporary fix. Surgery mutilates the body and causes further harm and internal damage. This is a militant approach to dealing with cancer and is barbaric!

An alternative integrative approach to helping people heal from cancer is effective and causes no harm to the body. Through the course of the treatments, the body actually grows stronger, not weaker. Cancer is challenged at a metabolic level and it can’t compete and dies off.

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