Cancer Is A Word Not A Sentence And It’s This Dance Your Body Is Actively Doing To Help Save Your Life.

This is something that is quite unique to cancer. Before a normal functioning cell crosses over to become a cancer cell, the final event that takes place is it no longer has the capability to utilize oxygen. When this happens the cancer cell doesn’t want to die so it transitions to a default mode of fermentation which is energy production.

During this transition, certain things are taking place. There is upregulating and downregulating of specific enzymes where the shape of the cell changes and becomes this thing called cancer.

Now, what is cancer? It is an all-out process our body is going through, a herculean effort to help save our lives. It’s an amazing thing where everything the body can do to save you is being done.

Our body wants nothing more than to save us which is a tremendous blessing. It’s going through this thing called cancer so that we may wake up, pull it together and change our way of life. If we pull it together the cancer dance is no longer needed and our body can return to a state of homeostasis or balance.

Cancer is not the enemy and it is not to be feared. The way I look at it is cancer is a divine tap on the shoulder by God. He’s saying that this path you’re currently on is a little shorter than what you may like.

Dr. Thomas Lodi Discusses Why Cancer Is A Word Not A Sentence And Is Not To Be Feared

However, if you make that right-hand turn and take the proper path and commit to it, you have the potential to become the best you possible. Everyone who takes that right-hand turn and stays committed to that path and survives cancer feels like they were anointed to take on this role in life and to help spread the word.

For people armed with this type of knowledge, fear dissipates and surrender happens. Surrender is a major thing that has to happen in order to fully commit to the process needed to heal from cancer. The greatest thing one can learn is not to be afraid of cancer; again, it is not the enemy.

Our healing center, An Oasis of Healing, educates and teaches people these core foundational principles. Once a person begins to live within the biological laws of nature, amazing things begin to happen health-wise. Stopping the production of cancer is key and in part is accomplished through a raw plant-based diet and green juicing.

Next, targeting and challenging the cancer cells metabolically help to eradicate them from the body. We administer a myriad of natural treatments that help achieve this goal. And lastly, we help to boost and strengthen the immune system which is truly the body’s only defense system.

If the immune system is bogged down with too many things to do, your defenses are weak so we help to naturally boost and help make it stronger and perform better. The proper path needs to be followed in order for health to be restored.

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