Cancer Is A Word Not A Sentence https://drthomaslodi.com/cancer-is-a-… Cancer is a word not a sentence and it’s a dance the body is doing to help save our lives. Here is what is unique to cancer. In the final event of the life of a cell before a normal cell crosses over and becomes a cancer cell is when it loses its ability to use oxygen. Once that happens it doesn’t want to die so it goes into a default mode of energy production called fermentation. It is that final event where it upregulates and downregulates certain enzymes and it changes shape and in effect becomes cancer. So, what is cancer? It is our body’s extraordinary effort to save our lives. It’s a beautiful thing, it is a lifesaver. It is a blessing as our body wants nothing more to save us. It’s doing this thing called cancer until we can get it together and change our lifestyle so that it doesn’t have to do this any longer. Cancer is not the enemy and it is not to be feared.    • Quotes By Dr Thomas Lodi      / @drthomaslodi  

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