can you be addicted to foodCan You Be Addicted To Food, The Answer Is An Astounding Yes!

Humanity is addicted to food, this is a sad fact. People live to eat in place of eating to live. When the question of can you be addicted to food is raised, you will be able to provide a very accurate answer based on what you’re about to read.

What is in the food? What is in broccoli that is so important? In addition to what we have identified as macro-nutrients; carbs, protein and fats, and micro-nutrients; vitamins, and minerals, there is a third element in food that is absolutely essential.

That third element is called “life”. It’s the spark of life and that spark of life comes from light. If you have ever looked or read things from a biblical perspective, then you know the first thing out of God’s mouth was let there be light. It’s that light that hits the tree and splits it apart. That light turns into APT and if you get into the science of it, you would be blown away. This light that I’m referencing is in the food and it’s what you need more than anything.

Why is it that we need this light? This light in a biological organism is electricity. It is the flow of electrons. If you don’t think you’re an electromagnetic being or entity, just consider what happens in the hospital when a person starts to get a flat line. What happens with a flat line? You have people running around you grabbing electrical paddles, putting them on your chest, and giving you electricity. If we want to know if an organism is alive or not, we put an EKG on them or some sort of electrode to pick up the electrical output.

When I look at an EKG, I look at the waveform, the height, and the rhythm. I can see from that EKG just how healthy that person’s heart is as that is the electrical output. You can do the same process with the brain, it’s called the EEG, and the same thing with a muscle which is called an EMG.

Can You Be Addicted To Food? Dr. Lodi Explains Why We All Are

To prove that all living biological organisms have electricity, let’s look at a potato clock. Two electrodes are plugged into a potato and it runs the clock for a couple of weeks until the potato dies. It works because the potato is alive, it has a bio-electric charge. How well do you think the clock would run if you baked the potato? The answer should be self-evident, it wouldn’t run as the potato would be dead. If you had any questions about whether you wanted to eat a baked potato versus an uncooked potato, then you must realize what it is you want to do?

Do you want to please your tongue or do you want to live? If you go to a Doctor and he doesn’t do what he’s telling you to do, you would say, hey, wait a minute. That which is necessary to be restored to health, the same is necessary to retain health. There is no difference and there should never be a difference. One should not wait until one is sick to start living the correct lifestyle. When you look around the world, what you won’t see is another creature aside from us humans destroying their food before they eat it!

Animals don’t barbecue, steam, or boil their food, they just eat it and gain the maximum benefit as a result. We, as humans do not and everywhere you look, you see sick people. Why, because we are addicted to fast food, processed food, not whole foods that we should be consuming. When you take a chemistry class, they give you a Bunsen burner. The Bunsen burner is there because you need fire to accelerate and cause chemical reactions. Without the Bunsen burner, you can’t have a chemistry lab.

A cook is a chemist. They are altering the food that nature provided. Cooking food is altering and changing it and every one of us is addicted to it.  So, can you be addicted to food, I believe you now know the answer. It is one of the most addictive things in the world. It trumps heroin and cigarettes, that’s what food is to us today.

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