Can The Body Heal Itself From Anything?

Can The Body Heal Itself From Anything? Absolutely, The Body Was Designed To Heal!

It’s important that a person know that they will heal. So, can the body heal itself from anything, yes it can, as long as the right path is followed.

Getting cancer is a second chance that God is providing. It’s a reminder that the path the person is on is not as long as it should be and some changes need to be made.

What’s amazing to realize is that not everyone gets a tap on the shoulder. It is truly an anointing. If people were to welcome this blessing, healing from cancer, has, can, and will happen.

There are people who years later let us know that being diagnosed with cancer ended up being the best thing to happen to them. They explained to us that they achieved their full potential as a result of their experience with cancer.

They were able to achieve their true potential and at the same time, they were inspiring everyone around them. What happened was they became a beacon for all those around them. People close to them wanted to be just like them.

Everyone who goes through this becomes almost evangelical in sharing their experience with healing from cancer. They have become enlightened and continue sharing with people they meet. It is truly a blessing.

Can The Body Heal Itself From Anything, Yes It Can Given The Right Path If Followed!

I have been affected by cancer on a very personal level, so this is not said lightly. Unfortunately, I saw my mother, fiancé, and my uncle all die from cancer. My perspective isn’t from a distance. It really is a psycho-spiritual happening.

Consider this as well, I have two children, a son who is 25 and a daughter who is 23. They are both very healthy and extremely smart. They have never, ever eaten an animal. From this, I have to conclude that people don’t need to eat animals.

Sure, it may taste good, so go monkey brains and bull testicles but people really don’t need to eat them. Now, since people don’t need to eat animals, here’s a question, then why are they eating it?

Is the answer because it tastes good? What this means, in essence, is that people are sanctioning the slaughter of an innocent animal for your pleasure. People don’t need it, it’s just pleasure.

People don’t have to be vegans to be healthy, some animal products can be eaten. Veganism is a philosophy, it’s a way of life, to do no harm. To pass your way on earth doing as little harm as possible while doing as many things to help people as possible.

In the end, this is a person’s legacy. A legacy is not what you have accumulated in life, it is who you were.

The bottom line, the human body was made to heal. The body is healing every second of every day. If people learned to stay out of their own way, their bodies would heal. We use integrated cancer therapies and metabolic medicine to assist people in healing.

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