the best thing to do for healing is nothingLet Me Explain What I Mean By The Best Thing To Do For Healing Is Nothing.

Have you ever been in an argument where you said something that you wish you hadn’t said? In your mind you’re saying, why did I say that if I didn’t mean it. And the worst part is, you can’t take back what you said, as you already said it.

It’s our doing that gets us in trouble. Let’s take a clue from nature when you’re not feeling well do what all creatures on earth do and do nothing.

They stop eating, and then they rest. They don’t do anything. They might drink a little water if it’s near them, but they do nothing, they rest and healing happens.

It’s important to understand there’s nothing you can do, you can’t take a magic pill, you can’t take some magic thing. The nature of your body is to heal, but it has to be given the opportunity. So you have to step out of your way.

And stepping out of your own way can be very difficult if you don’t recognize that you’re in fact in your own way, to begin with. We teach you how to get out of your own way and to get back into alignment and harmony with nature. We can’t escape or fool natural law, it’s just the way things are and the way things work.

That’s why our healing center is truly unique. There is no other alternative cancer treatment center that provides the full spectrum of metabolic therapies that are derived from nature. Turns out that eliminating the cancer is not the hard part, the difficulty is to stop making it so your body can truly heal.

Conventional facilities can help you get rid of cancer by burning it out, cutting it out, or using deadly poisons and toxins to kill it. However, the problem with this is it doesn’t stop the production of cancer or what caused it in the first place. And, the side effects from these conventional treatments can be deadly as chemotherapy and radiation are carcinogenic themselves and cancer-causing.

Listen In Here As Dr. Lodi Talks About Why The Best Thing To Do For Healing Is Nothing

The natural cancer treatments we educate and teach on actually challenge the cancer cells to do things that we know they can’t and as a result, they die off. The first thing we teach is to stop cancer production. The second aspect of our comprehensive cancer care program is to target and eliminate cancer and again this is done using metabolic medicine and therapies in line with nature. And, the third part of our program is to enhance and strengthen your body’s self-defense department, the immune system.

If the immune system is taxed with doing too many tasks at once, then it doesn’t have time to fight the cancer cells. We help ensure that your immune system is fully focused on attacking the cancer cells through the first two parts of our program. And the best part is, when you leave our healing center, you leave with this education and how to continue this lifestyle at home.


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