Best Ketogenic Diet Book https://drthomaslodi.com I’m in the process of finishing up what will be the best ketogenic diet book available anywhere. It will be a vegan ketogenic diet book that has taken years to put together based on real results. People often ask me if there is science behind the vegan ketogenic diet and the answer is yes, big time science! This book will be a compilation of years of firsthand experience from what we use at my healing center, An Oasis of Healing. A vegan ketogenic diet works incredibly well as part of our comprehensive cancer care program because it is in harmony with the biological laws of nature. Let’s start with what Keto means. Keto stands for Ketosis or Ketones. Where does this word come from and what is its function? As humans, we store energy through fatty acids. When these acids are broken down and dismantled for the purpose of fuel for the body. When they are broken down, they become three basic molecules called ketone bodies. These ketone bodies are shuttled into the cells and then taken apart even more as pure fuel for the body which translate to energy. This energy from fatty acids has twice as much energy as carbs and protein. This is why nature made fat because of the ability for energy storage. This is why bears hibernate in the winter. Bears eat a lot and store fat and then hibernate and live off that stored fat. They are in ketosis at that point. There’s a healthy way to get into a state of ketosis and a not so healthy way. If one has cancer getting into and staying in ketosis is key but it is a must to do eat the healthy way. The healthy way is through a raw vegan ketogenic diet and does not include meat. Eating animals while dealing with cancer promotes tumor growth. My book will explain all of this and include all of our recipes everything you need to know.    • Food and Cancer      / @drthomaslodi  

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