Best Intermittent Fasting Method https://drthomaslodi.com/ What is the best intermittent fasting method called? It’s called healthy eating. Someone who eats once daily is considered to be a healthy eater. An added benefit is skipping one day or two days of eating every other week to help facilitate a deeper internal body cleanse. Animals in nature eat like this. And, it’s not a decision they make, it’s just how nature works. Animals will not eat that which they were not designed to eat. You can’t persuade a horse to consume a pizza and you shouldn’t. Animals go off of instinct and will not stray from their diet. Humans have no instinct and are far removed from this. During intermittent fasting, one meal daily is all that is needed. Why? Because when no food is being consumed, a body cleanse is happening inside the cells. The reason for the body cleanse is to remove organelles that are no longer functioning. The organelles are the pathogens, mitochondria, bacteria, or basically all the things that are causing things to not work properly. When going to sleep feeling tired and then waking up the next morning having energy is the result of the cleansing going on internally during sleep. Our internal processes in the cells gobbles up the burnt-out mitochondria and recycle them the energy we feel. When the cells are being fed all the time they are not going to work as well. What’s important to note is we need to eat in order to get nutrients. However, our food is being assimilated when we are not eating. That’s why it’s critical to fast in between meals as long as possible or just eat once a day to make it easy and most beneficial. If someone eats constantly, the body is always processing that which is eaten. The body can’t properly utilize the food and the ability to eliminate the waste is dramatically hampered. A good rule to go by, don’t eat again until what was previously eaten, is eliminated.    • Food and Cancer      / @drthomaslodi  

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