Best Diet For Longevity https://drthomaslodi.com/why-eat-a-pl… If true health is your goal and you want to increase your lifespan, we have the best diet for longevity. It is a diet or more appropriately termed, a lifestyle centered around eating plant-based foods. The health benefits of eating a plant-based diet are many and it helps us enjoy more things in our life by being able to do more. Let’s focus on longevity and clearly show why a plant-based diet is best. What is the lifespan of tigers, lions, and dogs? These animals live on average about 15 years and they all eat meat. Then, we have elephants, horses, and chimps and they are plant eaters. The average age of an elephant is seventy-five years, a horse is approximately fifty-five years and a chimp is around thirty-four years of age. Longevity, endurance, and strength are in the corner of the plant eaters! Why do plant-based eaters live longer? The answer is centered around energy. The sun is the purest form of energy on the planet. How long do plants live? Plants receive sunlight directly and, in some cases, can live three to four thousand years such as the Redwood trees. There are olive trees that live thirty-five hundred years in Israel. Now, let’s look at the animals that eat meat that in turn eat those that are plant eaters. A couple of examples are tigers and lions. The further away from the sun or source of energy, the more condensed one’s lifespan becomes. It ultimately has to do with energy conservation. Cooking something changes and removes its essence or life. That life that would have helped contribute to a longer lifespan. Eating a plant-based vegan plant is the best diet for longevity. This diet has many benefits when it comes to health and also helps prevent cancer.    • Food and Cancer      / @drthomaslodi  

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