Benefits Of Going To Bed EarlyThe Benefits Of Going To Bed Early Are Numerous And Should Not Be Ignored.

The process of cell renewal while sleeping is important to living a healthy life. One of the benefits of going to bed early is initiating cell renewal.

In regards to sunlight, there are two kinds of living beings that have a profound relationship with it. One is called nocturnal and the other diurnal. A nocturnal beings’ reaction to light and darkness is quite different from the way a diurnal reacts.

When the sun goes down and darkness takes over, that’s when nocturnal animals become awake. Humans are diurnal creatures and are awake while the sun is up, so the exact opposite. When the sun goes down, we naturally want to go to sleep.

If we lived in a world without machines and no electricity we would go to bed with sun fall. People would then wake up right as the sun was coming up. That is the optimal window for sleep that benefits human beings the most.

When researching and reviewing sleep studies that track people that go sleep early, there are a lot of positives that happen to them. One of the most important benefits is the body produces the appropriate quantity of hormones when getting adequate sleep.

One Of The Many Benefits Of Going To Bed Early Is Proper Hormone Production

Another reason to go to bed early is the majority of a human’s hormones are produced between midnight and three in the morning. When people go to bed at 11:00 pm or later, the essential hormones that are normally produced are not and that works against you.

One of the other vital reasons for going to sleep early is cell renewal. People have the opportunity every night depending on when they go to bed, to eliminate old dying cells.

When you eliminate old cells, you get to replace them by creating new cells. This process helps in restoring our body’s natural energy. The ultimate cleansing period is while we sleep.

We are able to clean out the sludge while at the same time cell renewal is taking place. That is why it is important to consume whole organic non-processed foods. We actually are what we eat.

If people consume garbage, then they will produce garbage cells as part of the renewal process. This can easily be avoided by eating nutrient-dense food that provides the building blocks for our cells.

It is no coincidence that with the rapid rise in fast food consumption, we also see a dramatic rise in all the most prevalent diseases. This is the insanity that exists in our society today and it must be reversed if the human race is to survive.

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