Benefits Of Bacteria For The Immune System https://drthomaslodi.com/benefits-of-… The benefits of bacteria are important in order to maintain good health! Fungus’s are important for humanity. They have a job to do. Their job is turning dead matter into soil. The benefits of bacteria to humanity must not be ignored. They perform critical functions for the body. The bacterium called Bifidus makes a short chain fatty acid in our colon. It feeds cells in our colon and is the main source of fuel. The colon can’t function normally with this bacterium. Bifidus also stimulates the cells in the colon to die every three days where new cells are created immediately after. In fact, the lining of the intestines and colon is replaced every 3 days. A new lining is necessary because our digestive system is working around the clock all the time. The bacteria named acidophilus makes acid. Why does acidophilus make acid? It produces acid to help the good bacteria live and thrive while stifling the bad bacteria to the point where they can’t survive. There’s another bacterium which produces vitamin K. Why is this important to us? It is the reason why our blood clots. If this bacterium wasn’t produced, we would all bleed to death. Humans have fifty to one hundred trillion bacteria internally and they are working to protect us. Ironically, people are obsessed with being germaphobes and always trying to eliminate bacteria. Humans should not be trying so hard to eliminate bacteria. If you want to help your immune system, then stop washing your hands.    • Health and Disease      / @drthomaslodi  

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