Benefits Of Bacteria For Humans

Benefits Of Bacteria For HumansThe Benefits Of Bacteria For Humans Are Essential For Good Health!

Fungus is really good for the planet. Their job is to turn dead matter back into the soil. The benefits of bacteria for humans shouldn’t be underestimated as they perform various crucial functions.

Ten percent of the microorganisms in our GI tract are yeast or candida. Their job is to take old dead cells and recycle them.

One of the byproducts of a bacterium (Bifidus) in our colon is that it produces a short-chain fatty acid. This fatty acid is necessary to feed the cells in the colon. This bacteria is the main fuel source for the cells in the colon.

If a person doesn’t have enough of this bacteria, their colon can’t thrive. The other thing that bacteria Bifidus does is stimulate the colon cells to die every 3 days and then make new ones.

That’s why the lining of the colon, the lining of the intestines, is turned over every three days. People need to have a new lining because the inside of their digestive system is very active and working all the time.

This is why these cells need to be replaced. This fatty acid produced by the bacteria is very important. These bacteria have a critical function in the body.

Another bacteria called acidophilus produces acid. Why does this bacteria produce acid? They produce acid so the healthy bacteria can live and thrive while the pathogenic bacteria that can harm us, can’t survive.

Other bacteria make vitamin K which makes our blood clot. If we didn’t have these bacteria, people would bleed to death. We also have various other bacteria that stimulate our immune system.

The Benefits Of Bacteria For Humans Go Against The Mainstream Mantra Of Getting Rid Of Bacteria

This is why we have anywhere from 50 to 100 trillion bacteria inside and on us protecting us. Yet, society is obsessed with being sterile and wanting to get rid of bacteria. That’s just it, we shouldn’t be looking to get rid of the bacteria. One of the best things you can do for your immune system is to stop washing your hands.

If eating organic food, wash it off but don’t scrub it with chemicals. Humans being disconnected from nature, from the earth, tells us that we need to clean it off.

Soil-based organisms were found to be really helpful. To illustrate this point, during World War I, the Germans were tracking the Arabs. Why did they track them?

The German troops were getting sick and a few of them a day were getting diarrhea and they couldn’t march with their fellow troop. They noticed that this wasn’t happening to the Arabs.

What the German scouts found was every time an Arab started to feel sick, they would eat camel dung. What was proven later was there were soil-based organisms in the camel dung.

Those soil-based organisms found in the dung killed the pathogenic organisms. So, you had the Germans scrubbing, cleaning, and dying and the Arabs eating the dung and living.

This is why soil-based organisms are important to our health and also why hand sanitizers may not be!

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