Bemer Vascular Therapy Helps Prevent Microvascular Collapse https://drthomaslodi.com/bemer-vascul… Bemer vascular therapy works to help prevent the collapse of the microvascular. Microvascular collapse is when the organs fail. People who are in this stage start to get splotches on their body here and there as a result, this is a sign the organs are failing and the microvascular is collapsing. Nothing was getting to where it needed to get and was getting shunted over to the veins. When this happens, people are typically put on harsh drugs such as Levophed. This drug and others like it attempt to keep the blood in the blood vessels. When I was a resident in the ICU many years ago, we had an expression for this particular drug, “leave them dead with Levophed”. Crazy, right…Now, what were they working on by administering these drugs, the macrocirculation. They weren’t working on the microcirculation because there is nothing from a drug perspective that works. This is why the Bemer machine should be in all critical care facilities. And, they also need to have intravenous high dose vitamin c, curcumin, and many other intravenous therapies. The pathogenesis of organ failure is a decrease/increase in blood flow, vasal motion, alterations in the endothelial barrier, exaggerated inflammation, and impairment of endothelium-dependent vasorelaxation involving nitric oxide. The Bemer machine fixes all of these things. The Bemer needs to be a part of health care protocols.    • Alternative and Comprehensive Treatments   #bemervasculartherapy #microvascularcollapse #drthomaslodi

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