After Chemotherapy Is Healing Possible?

after chemotherapyIs It Possible To Heal After Chemotherapy?

I’m asked this question quite often if a person chooses the path of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, is it possible for them to recover and heal after chemotherapy?

The answer is yes, absolutely, and without question. Now, with that said, it does depend on how much damage has been done by these destructive conventional treatments. In the majority of cases, complete healing is possible.

An interesting study was conducted where mice were separated and put into two different groups. The food that was fed to the mice in group one consisted of raw vegetables that included carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, and celery. These mice were tracked until they reached the human equivalent age of 80 years old. The mice were then put to sleep where an autopsy was performed.

The results showed the following from group one; arteries were open and clear, all organs were healthy and there was no presence of degenerative disease anywhere. The food that was fed to the second group was pure junk food. This junk food that was given to the mice consisted of; candy bars, hot dogs, sodas, etc. for the exact same length of time as the first group.

There were epidemics that swept through group two where they were fed junk food. What they discovered was the mice developed diseases ranging from osteoporosis to cancer to lymphomas and more. The behavior of these mice transformed as well and they became hostile and attacked one and other.

These mice also started having feelings and emotions that were the exact opposite of what their gender was, which is known as gender dysphoria. The changes that took place with these mice were incredible to see based on these diet changes. What was discovered in the deceased mice was massive degeneration of arteries and all major organs.

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In addition, there was a third group of mice that were fed junk food for what was the same as 40 years of human life. Then, they completely changed the food feed to them and gave them the raw vegetables for the equivalent of another 40 years of human life. After the mice were put to sleep around the 80-year-old human age, what they discovered was only minimal damage was done hardly any degeneration of the organs and arteries.

Here’s the great and encouraging news, it is often not too late to alter the biochemistry in the body. The goal is to create an atmosphere of healing in the body even for the middle-aged and elderly. This is critical to understand; once poisons and toxins are no longer entering the body, its job is to start cleansing itself.

Our cellular mechanisms are designed in such a way as to clean the body. We have our organs of elimination, we have skin that sweats, our kidneys process and eliminate. Our liver, pancreas, and bowels eliminate waste. It’s just what the body does naturally.

When a person has had treatments of chemotherapy, they have been exposed to very harsh toxic chemicals. At our healing center, that’s where we begin the process of detoxification. We do very targeted treatments to help detoxification progress with therapies such as; lymphatic massages, colonics, balancing hormones, infrared saunas, etc.

We help with the restoration of people’s health by eliminating these toxins from the body. This creates the opportunity for people to live normal, healthy, and vibrant lives.

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