A Philosophy On Cooked Food – Dr. Lodi In this video, Dr. Lodi discusses his philosophy on cooked food as well as it’s effects. Watch now! You might also enjoy:    • Dr. Lodi: Can You Reverse Stage 4 Cancer   Download my free Green Juice Recipe Guide: https://drlodi.com/green-juice Request a Consultation: https://drlodi.com/consultations/ Register for the online Course: https://drlodi.com/school-of-health/ Dr. Lodi on Instagram:   / drthomaslodi   Dr. Lodi on Facebook:   / drthomaslodi   Dr. Lodi on TikTok:   / drthomaslodi   Visit the website: https://drlodi.com    • Cancer: A Divine Tap on the Shoulder …   #rawdiet #cancerdoctor #drlodi #drthomaslodi

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