We Look At It As A Person With Cancer Compared To Someone Who Is A Cancer Patient.

The idea of the word “patient” implies that someone has a passive role and is not as smart as us because we are the doctors and we know. It implies that a person with cancer is not educated and that model just doesn’t fit our comprehensive cancer care program.

The relationship in this model of doctor and patient implies disease and cure. One of the things we teach people is that you can’t purchase a cure but you can earn your health.

One of the most important things we want to inspire people to do before they leave our healing center is to be readers and never stop reading. If you are a reader, it doesn’t matter if you are one hundred percent raw because, through the course of your reading, you will become raw.

You will come to understand through your reading that eating raw just makes sense. Start reading about veganism and a person will see that the data is pretty clear. We inspire people to fall in love with learning.

When a person with cancer comes to us, they are welcomed with congratulation and that we are glad you made it. They tell us their war stories of their surgery or surgeries, the radiation and chemotherapy treatments, and the horrendous things that happened to their health.

A Person With Cancer Plays An Active Role With Us

We always see that glimmer in their eye when they arrive. The only requirement we have here is that the person wants to live. If you want to live, we will be with you the entire way helping to restore your health and introduce you to a new beginning in your life.

What we are seeing is that most people, roughly 70-80% of the people who visit us who are in dire straits leave us with little to no cancer. Now, if they are to remain that way, that’s up to them. We provide people with the knowledge to do so, it is up to them to continue to live that lifestyle.

Suppose someone comes to us with lung cancer and we get them to quit smoking and help restore their health. Then, nine months later they start smoking again, no one would be shocked if the lung cancer came back.

The education in our society supports the expected response from people when a person starts smoking again and cancer comes back. It’s not a surprise based on the knowledge and education people have received on the effects of smoking.

Now, in comparison, unfortunately, the same level of education is just not there when it comes to eating and food. People just don’t know or realize that eating is far worse than smoking when it comes to cancer.

There are more deaths caused by the way we eat than by all the wars, ever. It’s a very sad fact and a fact that needs to be taught far and wide.

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