“If you don’t ‘Stop Making Cancer’, it doesn’t matter how good anyone is at getting rid of it, it will come back.”
– Thomas Lodi, MD, MD(H)


“If you don’t ‘Stop Making Cancer’, it doesn’t matter how good anyone is at getting rid of it, it will come back.”
– Thomas Lodi, MD, MD(H)

Not Just a Physician… A Clinical Psychologist, a Nutritionist, an Historian, and a Philosopher

Thomas Lodi, MD has been practicing medicine for 35+ years and, in 2005, transferred his practice from New York to Mesa, Arizona where he founded An Oasis of Healing. At that time, few if any other centers provided integrative cancer care: an intelligent, rational blend of effective therapies from all medical and healing disciplines. 

He has pioneered what has now become the definitive route for those unsatisfied with the modern cancer treatment system.

Dr. Lodi’s goal is health and where there is health, not only is there no cancer…there is also no diabetes, no high blood pressure, heart problems, no neurological problems, etc… Learn more about Dr. Lodi.

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Featuring over 100 raw vegan recipes that support your body’s innate ability to restore health. This healthful collection of raw vegan recipes with photos were developed and implemented at An Oasis of Healing holistic cancer treatment center as part of their Comprehensive Cancer Care program. The cookbook’s intention is to educate readers on the power of raw cuisine to support healing and recovery from cancer. It features over 100 raw vegan recipes that support the body’s innate ability to restore health. Recipe categories include: Breakfasts, Breads and Crackers, Nut Cheeses Dips and Spreads, Main Dishes, Soups, Sides, Dressings, Snacks, and Desserts.

Schedule a one-on-one virtual consultation with Dr. Lodi today to get a true second opinion about your cancer journey. Discuss alternative solutions that support your mind-body connection in overall healing.

Our goal is for you to be well and live at your optimal potential. You can stop making cancer and we are here to support you along the way.

Schedule with Dr. Lodi today to get a true second opinion about your cancer journey and discuss alternative solutions that support your mind | body connection in overall healing.

Our goal is for you to be well and live at your optimal potential. You can stop making cancer and we are here to support you along the way.

Patient Testimonials

Programs that have successfully helped hundreds of patients find a new lease of life and restore health after their cancer diagnosis. Listen to their stories and read the case reports below.

Tara’s Journey

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer
Treatment of Breast Cancer and her healing journey.

“My father was diagnosed two days ago with a form of leukemia. We immediately set up a consult with Dr Lodi via zoom for a second opinion. His knowledge was invaluable to understanding the current situation and what this journey will look like. We immediately felt confidence and clarity in our next steps! This integrative oncologist perspective takes into consideration every aspect of my father, while preparing us with positive, effective methods to stop making cancer. We are looking forward to our follow up! ”

“I feel very secure with Dr. Lodi. His knowledge gives me hope that I did not previously have. I feel that I can get well thru his expertise. Very knowledgeable dr. ! I am very grateful that he generously shares his info with everyone. Thank you Dr. Lodi.”

“Dr Lodi is a wealth of hope and information..his philosophy of health and healing is truly a gift from God. I have learned that given the proper resources..your body can heal itself. God bless Dr Lodi.”

“Dr. Lodi is a really expert holistic oncologist ”

“What I liked the most about talking with Dr. Lodi during our virtual consultation session is that he gave (actually always does) hope and valuable information for every aspect of life, not just the specifics I asked him about. I always listen very carefully and write everything down, the understanding of how the human body works he has is unbelievable. Finding the best integrative oncologist was crucial for me when I found out about my condition back in 2017, and I am grateful I have Dr. Lodi by my side. Thank you for all your help and support.”

Know the facts, be empowered for your health and wellness, and help prevent cancer or heal from cancer with Dr. Lodi’s online courses.

Dr. Lodi’s online courses are designed to help you prevent cancer by teaching you how to identify what cancer is, risk factors associated with it, and best prevention techniques for your lifestyle and wellbeing. Online courses are available to everyone. You can enroll in Dr. Lodi’s courses directly from the website or you are welcome to contact us at any time for more information.

Dr. Lodi offers online cancer consultations which include personalized plans of action. This plan is designed to empower you in your pursuit of cancer prevention and wellness maintenance and to help you develop a strong understanding of the facts surrounding cancer risks, tips for prevention, and emotional support upon diagnosis. Dr. Lodi is available by online consultation to provide you with guidance for your wellbeing and welcomes all of your questions during your private session.


The Pillars of Healing

Holistic cancer care based around three fundamental pillars of healing:

Stop Making Cancer

Changing the body’s biochemistry to create an environment where cancer cannot grow or spread.

Target Cancer

Selectively targeting and eliminating cancer through natural metabolic treatments (without causing harm).

Enhance the Immune System

Restoring and enhancing the immune system through immune therapies and peptides.

Cancer & Health Information

What is Cancer?

What is Integrative Oncology?

Epigenetics & Cancer

Integrative Cancer Protocols

Dr. Lodi’s mission is to keep the light of truth focused on cancer and cancer treatment. This can only be accomplished by continual review and discussions of relevant, peer reviewed, scholarly research regarding the nature of cancer as well as any and all therapeutic modalities from all disciplines to restore health. The restoration of health, by definition is accompanied by the elimination of, not only cancer but all conditions of ill health, classified as “diseases”.

In order for these efforts to have a practical impact, Dr. Lodi will be offering educational and training courses for different levels of students, including: 1) People who want to ‘stop making cancer’. 2) People who want to support those who are actively working to be restored to health. 3) Health care practitioners at all levels of training including, but not limited to medical doctors, naturopathic medical doctors, nurse practitioners, health educators and nutritionists.

Online Video Course On How To Stop Making Cancer

Dr. Lodi’s 8-hr online video series course that provides all of the basic, fundamental knowledge and tools to stop making cancer. You’ll learn that mental and emotional wellbeing are essential to healing, along with a natural diet and healthy eating practices, appropriate sleep and regular, consistent body movement (kinesiology).’ In this video series, you will discover the natural path back to your birthright – optimal health.

The key to being healthy is understanding what leads to certain diseases or even how your day-to-day actions can determine whether you are at risk for them. Studies show that people who are aware of what leads to certain diseases and try their best to avoid those things have a lower chance of getting sick. 

Online courses like this one provide the big picture of health topics, allowing you to make decisions with awareness on how your actions can affect your wellness today and in the future.

Begin your course today and get educated on how you can be proactive about preventing cancer or any other health crisis and understand what leads to them manifesting. We’ll show you facts, statistics, and some basic information that everyone should know about their health. Come join us!

The Most Common Types of Cancers Dr. Lodi Treats:

Colon & Rectal
Head & Neck
Lymphomas (all types)

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